Monday, October 21, 2013

Despicable Me Minion Pumpkins

Hola mis amigos!

Another great week has flown by here in the amazing Washington Kennewick Mission. This week was extra special because we had a baptism on Saturday and then a confirmation on Sunday. The spirit was super strong during the baptism and then again during the confirmation. I actually had the opportunity to do the confirmation which was doubly awesome ‘cause it was in Spanish. It is crazy to feel the Spirit in two languages now. Definitely one of the perks of serving Spanish speaking. 

Another cool thing about being here (at least in Benton City) is how unbelievably amazing the members are. I swear when you put on the name tag there’s like five or six families that sort of adopt you. One sister is always offering us dinner when no one has signed up (which doesn't happen too often cause Benton City is awesome like that) and then there are other families that are just as crazy as ours which always makes for entertaining dinners and then others still are practically missionaries themselves. We always are going out on exchanges where members either come with us or we split up and go with two elders to get double the work done. It’s really cool. Especially since a lot of the elders are our age (or older). 

On Sundays here we are also part of the choir. It’s great to be singing again. Some habits die hard though. May or may not have caught myself raising my hand at a mistake while singing...... (Northwood choir students unite!)

Another random fact to close this week’s letter…there is a house we drive by everyday that has pumpkins out for Halloween.... painted like the minions from Despicable Me. By far the best pumpkins I have ever seen. 

Take care and I'll write again next week. 

Elder Kupferer

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