Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Too Much Food?

Hello everyone!

Nothing too new this week in Benton City. This past week we had the opportunity to have a zone conference with Elder Kent Richards of the 70. We learned a lot and all felt the spirit super strong. I am excited to see the results that will come about because of what we learned. 

Thinking about it, I guess there is something rather new (at least to me) that happened this past week. It got cold. Like freezing cold (literally). In the space of one day it went from a high of 48 to 36. It was insane. I can see my breath in the car. IN THE CAR. That shouldn't happen. Also, it’s really fun (and by fun I mean miserable) going to church meetings when it’s 16 degrees outside. Whoever invented suits obviously lived in Southern California where they didn't need to keep you warm. Thank heavens for thermals. 

I have also decided that yes, there can be such a thing as too much food. As shocking as it is, I can attest that there becomes a point where food sounds disgusting. Yesterday, we had a lunch at 2 then dinner at 5 planned from a few weeks ago. Nothing too bad there. And then we went to church, and got invited to a missionary return get together, a missionary going away get together, and then pie. All with different members. It’s horrible having to ration yourself with so much good food so you can still eat at least a little bit with everyone. 

Side note: Butterfinger Pie is one of the best desserts ever created. Only downside is I think with every slice you slice off a year of your life. 

Well that’s all that’s going on with me this week. Hopefully with Turkey Day coming up this week I'll have a cool story for you all.

Stay awesome,

Elder Kupferer

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giraffes in Benton City?

It’s been another awesome week in Washington. Fun fact for the day: there is one four-way stop in Benton City. And it’s not even on the main road it’s out in a residential area. Even crazier (and it took me like a month to realize this) there aren't any stop lights in Benton city.... Fun stuff.

Also this week we had some great opportunities for service. One afternoon we helped a member (who conveniently lives next door) paint his house. It was actually quite a lot of fun. All those Eagle Projects painting various boards has finally paid off.

Something else that's finally paying off are all those piano lessons. I don't play that much but whenever District Meetings or even our Spanish Gospel Doctrine class I get asked to play. Mom, let me formally apologize for fighting those lessons way back when. To any kids that might be reading this: trust your parents. They actually know what they're doing.

And last here is the quote of the week from the truck:

"Thank you Veterans, for your help, service, and sacrifice."

Hasta la proxima semana.

Elder Kupferer

[The following was not intended for the Blog but I wanted to include it anyway – Steve]

Also there are giraffes in Benton City. Who knew?

They are actually made of scrapped metal from a Ford pickup, an old (I am hoping already out of commission) Mustang, and then a bit from a Chevy. We tracted into the guy who had them and Elder Rosero was all "Hey can I take a picture with your giraffes? I really love them." Didn't accept our message though..... 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Quotes from the Side of the Road

Why hello there,

So it’s been another awesome week out in the WKM. I would say that it’s on fire out here, but apparently Benton City has actually been on fire before so it sufficeth me to say that it’s going quite well out here. Especially on the Spanish side of things because.... We now have a Spanish Relief Society!!!!!! So stoked for them. It’s great to see the Spanish membership in the ward growing. Next step: Spanish branch. I'm gonna make it happen. 

Another opportunity that presented itself this week was the chance to teach seminary one morning. That was pretty cool. We taught the sophomore class and they were a lot more awake than I thought. But nonetheless, Brother Henderson if you read this, major props. I don't know how you were/are able to stay awake yourself not to mention keeping the class interested at 6:00 in the morning. It is quite an impressive feat. 

So I guess some things in the world never change. Including way too many road construction projects. Yep. All the way up in Washington the cities decided to start three major construction projects on the road.... at the same time. Because planning and spacing projects out just doesn't seem logical does it? Of course not. 

Also another fun fact about Benton City... on the one main road headed out of town there is a truck that is parked that on the back has a little sign like what you would see at a restaurant or outside a church where you can slide the letters in and out and put various fun messages. Except instead of saying "Big Mac - It'll kill you" it has some fun quotes on it I thought I'd share. Last week’s was "Dear Math - Grow up. I'm tired of solving your problems." This week is "Everyone is mature until someone breaks out the bubble wrap."

Come back next week for more funny quotes from the side of the road. 

Until then,

Elder Kupferer

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Noche de Brujas (aka Halloween)

Buenos Dias!

Another great week in Benton City. Fun Spanish word today: Noche de Brujas. Spanish for Halloween (literal translation though: Night of Witches).  Speaking of Halloween... ours was rather uneventful. Because Benton City gets so crazy on Halloween, we had a curfew of 6 PM, and then the best part was weekly planning!!! (that was a joke). So my companion and I just sat inside all night after planning and watched “Mountain of the Lord” and “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration” - some church DVDs we had in the apartment. That and I ate way too much candy. No regrets though.

Another cool thing I learned about Benton City recently is in the church library/materials center, they have the entire Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price in Braille. It takes up at least 6 big 3-inch binders but it was really cool. Props to people that can read Braille. That stuff is insane. 

So a cool experience this week: Wednesday night we had exchanges which is when two priest age young men (ages 16 – 17) or elder-age men (18 & up) from the ward come out with my companion and I and we go and split up to get twice the work done. So my temporary companion and I went and visited a Spanish recent convert to teach her a lesson (not like an actual lesson) but my temporary comp didn't really speak Spanish so it was all on me... and somehow I survived. I spoke fine and understood 95% of what she was saying. It was amazing seeing the gifts of the Spirit in action. I just wish it could be like that 24/7. Soon enough.

That's all for today folks. Have a great day and I'll be back next week!

Elder Kupferer