Monday, November 3, 2014

A Crazy Weekend

So this weekend was one of those weekends that will go down in the history books for ever. It was a pretty normal Saturday afternoon. We had just finished cleaning up after a baptism of one of the other missionaries in the area and were on our way to dinner when we get a call from one of our investigators who asked us to come over that night. I thought he had read the pamphlet we had left him and wanted to know more so I said we would be by in an hour. Well, the time comes and we head over but we get stopped literally halfway through the door (like literally; I was inside and my companion was about to follow but he got stopped) by some random guy who insisted on talking to us. For almost 10 minutes he told us this story of how he had gotten robbed twice and since we looked like nice guys he needed a ride out of town to get away from all of this. Since we aren't really allowed to do that sort of thing we told him sorry but offered him some suggestions on where he could go for help. So we get inside and start talking with the guy who needed us to come over and he cuts straight to the chase and tells us he needs $1000 from each of us. Since we don't even get minimum wage we couldn't really help him in that department so we offered what we had and prayed with him that all would work out okay, and he promised us he would come to church the next day. 

So the night continues on (don't worry this goes for the good) and we have a lesson with one of our own dates who had come to know the recent convert who was baptized two weeks ago (Bill was (not) his name) through the English classes the church offers, so we invited him to come with us. Even though he wasn't an official member for a full week he taught and testified as if he had been a member for 20 years. It was such an amazing experience seeing him having grown so much in so little a time and all the effort he has put forth to embrace the gospel full heartedly. 

His story continues on when he goes to church the next day and all of a sudden gets the priesthood. In PEC that morning (a meeting with us and some of the local church leaders) our Bishop told us that there was a temple trip for recent converts this Saturday so he expedited the process, deferred the waiting period, and gave him the Aaronic Priesthood then and there. Bill is an awesome guy. He is going to do great things. 

And in other news this week, for only the 3rd time in my life, I have moved myself instead of someone else. Still a little weird seeing my stuff in the boxes and not someone else's. 

Also: menudo is not a good way to break a fast. 

So for those of you that remember Extreme Makeover Home Edition, they came out with an animal shelter edition, and Othello was one of the lucky winners (recipients? who knows) and so they conscripted the help of the local community to do a lot of the labor and who better than the local Mormon Missionaries? So this Wednesday we had the opportunity to go and put of some insulation in the future home of the Adams County Pet Rescue center. Sadly the TV crews weren't there that day so you won't be seeing me on TV anytime soon but I should be back this week so we shall see what that brings....

The quote of the week comes in regards to that. In District Meeting I was making an announcement that the aforementioned service opportunity was available and that since we were going to be working with insulation, I warned them to bring long clothes and to shower immediately afterward and what not since fiberglass stuck in your skin is not fun. Well there was a lull for a sec when my companion chimes in (sarcastically):

"Nah it looks like cotton candy. Just eat it."

Never a dull moment with my comp. He knows how to keep it interesting. 

Well everyone, just because its pink and fluffy my advice for the week is to not eat insulation, no matter how tempting it is, and to try and keep up with the awesomeness level of my comp. 

Stay awesome everyone,

Elder Kupferer

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