Monday, February 9, 2015

Back to the Basin

So for those of you that are following a little too close you might have realized that this week would be the week transfers come around again, and man have they come around. This transfer call caught everyone off guard in the zone (myself included) because I am headed back to Othello. I'm going back to the other half of Othello but I'll still cover the Spanish ward, just this time instead of the Mixteco language I'll be covering one of the English wards as well. It’s a little bitter sweet as after 6 weeks I was starting to get close to the members and the area and the missionaries I was serving with but on Wednesday I head back up to the Basin.

Probably the interesting story for the week (besides the transfer call I was going back to Othello) was Tuesday morning when we got a call from our recent convert who had given a Book of Mormon to a homeless man outside of Albertson's and told him we could get him in contact with someone to help him out with housing and a job and what not so we go and stop by to follow up with him about 15 minutes after we get off the phone. As we go up and start conversing with him and identify ourselves as the Mormon Missionaries he replies "Wow that was fast." We Mormons mean business. But we talk with him for a bit getting to know him and then as we are conversing another lady comes up and motions to a girl who's car hood was up and asked if we could go help her (apparently we are mechanics?? I barely know how to change a tire) so after the conversation finished with our new homeless friend comes to an end we go over to help the damsel in distress and stare at the car with a relatively blank expression since neither me nor my companion knew anything about cars. Interestingly enough though, our homeless friend did and evaluated the situation and identified the problem and since there wasn't anything we could do she says she will worry about it later since she only has to go across the street, we say our goodbyes, and then we head back home, all before companionship study is done.

And that really is about it for the week. A whole lot of nothing interesting. Next week though. That’s gonna be good. The quote for this week comes from a lesson we received yesterday during Gospel Principles class on The Fall [of Adam] and the question was proposed about how life had changed after having kids and someone responded back with:

"I started to pray more because I needed hard core help."

Can't wait to have kids. Sounds like a blast. But in the meantime, I'm just gonna go back to missionary work. It’s simple enough right?

Until next week,

Elder Kupferer

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