Monday, September 9, 2013

¡Semana tres!


So far life down here in the CCM has pretty much settled into a nice routine. Wake up, study, breakfast, class, gym, lunch, TALL, study, more class, dinner, even more studying, then bed. So here is what I have managed to put together for an interesting update this week.

The weather. Even if I have already talked about it the weather has definitely changed. For most of the day the weather is absolutely perfect. Nice 75 degrees with a slight breeze. It is beautiful. Lately, however, whenever around 5 PM hits, it begins to pour. Not like Southern California rain. I mean biblical amounts of rain. It is amazing. I looked out the window one time and it honestly looked like a clip from a weather channel video on a tornado or something like that. After at least four straight days of this, the grass hasn’t had time to soak it all in and in the middle of the downpour, the lawns here become lakes. It is pretty awesome. I’ll try to get a picture out when I get to Washington and can finally buy an SD card reader.

Another interesting thing is that they just introduced Nutella into the options during breakfast and dinner. It is nice to have a little taste of home. But this is the funny part. One of the guys in our district has not had it up until now. He has since discovered the joys of Nutella and it is universally agreed that he will one day die from a Nutella-induced coma. The copious amounts he consumes every meal are most definitely not safe portions.

And now for the part I am particularly proud of. During gym time we are allowed 50 minutes to play sports/work out (they have a surprisingly nice weight room) and so often times we like to play Ultimate Frisbee. Thus far, we have only lost one game to the other undefeated team by one point in overtime. They have since left and we are now the reigning champs. It is great.

This week I got asked to teach our priesthood meeting this Sunday (along with my companions) so we will see how that goes.

Anyways that’s about it for this week. Life in the CCM is pretty much the same day in day out so hopefully in 3 weeks when I finally get back stateside things will be more interesting for you all.

¡Hasta luego!

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