Monday, May 5, 2014

The Sun is Coming Up....

The sun is coming up, the convertible tops are going down. The temperature is going up, Elder Kupferer's enjoyability in the afternoon is going down. The success is going up, the number of doors slamming in our face is going down. All in all, things are going great in Chelan.

This past week was probably the best one to date on my mission. Monday night we ended up chasing a tiny little 5 pound Yorkie for 20 minutes around the housing part of Chelan. Thankfully she didn't make her way to the main streets, but I will admit it was a sight to behold. A Mexican and two guys in shirts and ties chasing a 5 pound dog around the streets. But it was all okay because then afterwards we found one of the most solid investigators I have met. He has been so prepared it’s unbelievable. And to top it all off, we Skyped to Mexico. When we showed up to his house, they were Skyping to relatives in Mexico whom we had actually met a few weeks prior when they were visiting up here. You never know what to expect.

Also, I'm not sure if I'm proud of this or not, but there is a restaurant here, the Lakeview Drive In (think In-N-Out but with a bigger menu and a bigger price tag) that is super good. Since they don't have any seating inside, you go up to a window, order, get a number, and wait until they call your number…until you go there too often. Then they say "Hey you've been here a lot, why don't you just give us your name and we will call that." Like I said, not sure if I'm proud of that or not.

But in the awesome department, last night ranks pretty high. We had set up a lesson with an investigator at a member’s home (we refer to these meetings as 'Home Courts') at 7:00PM. So we show up and are waiting, then about 10 minutes later we get a text from the investigator we were waiting for and it said "Hey I was just about to leave but the Sisters from the church showed up." Apparently the sisters in this area chose the perfect time to go visit his mom, who is also an investigator. A few texts back and forth and he says that he will come when they finish a movie the sisters are showing, so thinking it was just a 4 minute Mormon message we say okay, and wait. And wait. And wait. So eventually half an hour passes and the member (who has a good relationship with the investigator from school) says "Alright, enough. Hop in the car. We're going to go get him." And so that we do. An awkward door conversation with the other missionaries (first time the door has almost been slammed in my face by other Mormons) and 15 minutes later, we finally get the lesson started. And it was by far one of the best lessons we have ever had. They could have filmed it and put it on The District [a series of video segments that show real missionaries, members, and investigators in non-scripted, unrehearsed, actual missionary situations]. The members (who are both converts were bearing testimony and pretty much taught the lesson. Everything resonated with him. The Spirit was there like none other. Totally worth the 45 minutes of confusion to get the lesson started.

And now to end with a quote from Elder's Quorum yesterday:

"Experience is just the name we give our mistakes."

Deep stuff going on up here in Chelan.

I hope you all are having a great week and I'll talk to you on Monday!

Que les vaya muy bien,

Elder Kupferer

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