Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Random Week

A random week. That’s about the only way to describe what happened. We will start with Tuesday.

So in case you haven't heard, the church is coming out with a new movie called "Meet The Mormons" on October 10, but since as missionaries we don't really go to movie theaters they gave our mission president a pre-release screening of it so we were able to go to Pasco this past Tuesday morning and watch it. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't have any plans for October 10, make some to go see this movie. It’s like the "I'm a Mormon" videos on mormon.org but longer and better put together into a full-length documentary. It’s not meant to convert everyone to mormonism, rather show everyone we are normal people too that do normal things (South Park hasn't given us the best name). It’s a really cool documentary that just films the lives of people and how the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ plays a part in all of it. You should go see it and invite everyone you know to see it. It’s gonna be cool. For more info: MeetTheMormons.com

And on Wednesday, we went to a wedding. Yeup, you read right. A wedding. Long story short the bishop of our ward (the leader of the congregation) has the authority to marry people and since marriage is a big focus in the church we do it for free, and so he gets a call about someone wanting to get married that he had never met. And since they were non members, he invited yours truly to come to meet them and be witnesses should they not bring their own. It wasn't anything big (no mariachi bands unfortunately; I was kind of sad) but it was still a pretty cool and rather unique experience.

On Thursday, we talked to a guy riding a horse down the middle of the road. That doesn't happen everyday. In fact, I can safely say that was the first time I have ever talked to a guy on a horse.

Later that day (like 10 minutes later) we went to someone's house to meet with him and his roommate was watching (very loudly) Dragonball Z in Spanish. That was entertaining.

Friday night was pretty neat. We were walking around trying people and talking to people a couple of blocks away from the high school football field which was hosting a home game, so we heard every play, every 'tag', every fight song; we even heard "Thrift Shop" pep band style. NHS Marching Band, you better get on it. It was nice reminiscing on the good old days. In the meantime, keep rocking the new uniforms Northwood.

Anyways back to Othello, in case you don't remember from last week we now have a new planning system that basically takes until dinner on Fridays and so Friday night when we were walking around we were kind of down on ourselves because we hadn't had any lessons all day. Well three weeks ago we were in the same spot (both physically and not-having-had-any-lessonsally) and we ending up having a miracle lesson at 8:30 PM with some random guy who had his light on and let us in. Well for two weeks we tried to catch him again but he was either busy or drunk or not able to meet so we ending up stopping trying him. Well since we had nothing else to do his light was on so we tried him again, and he let us right in. What’s even better, he had read from the Book of Mormon and asked us how to pray. It was super seeing our diligence pay off and having such a rewarding experience at the end of the night. Much more rewarding than the McFlurry I was contemplating buying myself.

So for the quote this week, it comes from my companion on the car ride up into town Friday afternoon. We had to help someone really quick and so after driving around town right after school got out for a while, my companion leans over and says:

"Elder, I think you are the only white person I have seen today."

A conversation I would have never thought would occur in America. I guess Othello's nickname of M&M (Mexicans and Mormons) is well earned.

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Kupferer

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