Monday, September 1, 2014

First Week as a Parent

Well, first week of the new transfer down. So far, my son and I are doing great. He had a pretty rough start since he got a little sick but other than that things have been doing supremely well. It’s refreshing to see the energy he brings to the table. Our first week was filled with mostly meetings but on Thursday night we did get to go to a ward party that turned out to be very successful. Carne Asada is great stuff. It was mostly a barbeque so we had an excuse to get together but a lot of investigators and less active members came so overall it turned out to be a really productive night.

And in other news, I forgot to mention this last week but two Sundays ago I had the privilege of playing the piano for the ward's Primary class. Their pianist was gone and they only had two teachers so they scrambled last minute and asked the four of us missionaries (we were congregated talking about something) if any of us could play the piano and instantly everyone turned to me. It was fun though. Brought back a ton of memories. All the scrambling around to do "Once there was a snowman" backwards, or the ridiculously loud "you've had a birthday, shout hooray!" Naturally though, of all the songs they chose to sing that day, they chose the ones that I had never really practiced before. Interesting how that works sometimes. Overall though it was pretty cool. Primary is awesome.

So this past week when we were out tracting there was this kid outside we talked with and asked if his parents were home, to which he said no, so we move on to the next house. Well we get to the doorstep and the same kid comes running over and says "Let me help you, they only speak Spanish." We said thank you but we can speak Spanish. He responded with "No, here let me help." So we said the same thing again, but in Spanish. He still didn't believe us and was like "No, only a little bit." And after a few more lines back and forth I guess he accepted the fact that two white guys could speak Spanish and ran off with a confused look on his face. We chuckled to ourselves and kept going. Nothing quite like surprising Mexicans with a little bit of Spanish. It’s even funnier when I go up and speak Mixteco to them. That really throws them for a loop.

For this week’s quote, I don't remember who I was talking with (I think it might have been my comp?) but anyways there’s really no background needed for the quote to make sense, so here you go:

"Finding the golden investigators is like playing hide and go seek; God hides them, and we have to go find them."

Not terribly fair trying to play such a game with the most powerful being in the universe, but it sure makes it fun. He's always willing to help which is nice though.

Anyways, I'll let you resume with your lives for another week. Stay classy.

Elder Kupferer

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