Monday, December 8, 2014

A Rather Boring Week

This week nothing terribly interesting happened. Probably the biggest highlight in all honestly was going shopping down in Tri-Cities this past week. We had a temple trip on Tuesday and since we were down in somewhere with more than Walmart and Mexican tiendas [shops] we made as much use of it as we good. Also enjoyed the wider variety of restaurants than Othello offers. It was refreshing to not have Taco Bell or Burger King. 

Another highlight this week (and because of this you know it was a boring week) was the 1/8th inch of snow we got a few days back. It looked like someone took an oversized powdered sugar sprinkler and let loose over the whole field next to our house. But still, for this Southern California kid, it was pretty cool. 

Last night was also fun with the opportunity to watch the [First Presidency’s] Christmas Devotional. It was only us, the other 2 sets of missionaries in the area, and 1 set of older members, but it was still a good experience. Christmas music plus talks will always make for a great night. 

Speaking of Christmas, if you haven't already, drop everything and go to:

Or if you prefer in Spanish:

Or if you prefer Mixteco, you're gonna have to wait.  Sorry. 

Anyways the video is super cool. It’s a good reminder about why we have Christmas in the first place and reminds us why Christ is really the reason for the season. Since God so loved the world, he gave his Only Begotten Son as the first gift of Christmas. So this season, discover the gift in the Bible and Book of Mormon, embrace the gift, and then #sharethegift. It'll be worth it. 

In closing I am going to take a quote from the Elder Arnold conference we had about a month ago. At one point he told us that:

"Missions are to teach you the tough stuff of life."

It was only a few words, but it was dang true. I don't think I have been happier and disappointed/frustrated with people in any other experience I have had in my life, nor will I ever again. Until maybe I have kids. But then again my kids will be perfect so I'll never have to get frustrated. That’s how it works right? 

And without further ado, forgive my ramblings and enjoy the time of this Christmas Season.

Elder Kupferer

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