Monday, December 15, 2014

Some Pretty Cool Miracles This Week

So this week not too much happened. Again. Ever since the baptisms we ran out of people to teach so we have been tracting a lot. And then kept tracting some more. It’s been interesting. You never know what you are going to run across. Sometimes you run into people that don't speak Spanish. Sometimes you run into vicious dogs that want to kill you. Sometimes you run into people twice. Sometimes you run into people that can't decide which church they belong to. Sometimes you run into people with interesting shrines. It keeps you on your toes. But this week we definitely saw some miracles from it. 

About half way through the week we had gotten in 3 days the number of OYMs (the number of people we talk to about the Restored Gospel) that we normally get in a week but we weren't finding anyone new to teach so we were getting a little disheartened. We were talking about it slash complaining a little bit about it to one of the APs who was here on an exchange with the Zone Leaders and he told us something new we could try so we did. Well the first day we get around to trying it, the last door we knock (it’s always the last door) there is a family that lets us right in. We start talking with the parents and they are super receptive. They said they would love to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. It was a nice refresher from getting doors slammed in our face or kids telling us that their mom's said they weren't home. But wait there’s more. 

Last Friday during our weekly planning session we were setting some goals and we said it would be awesome to find a new family to teach. We go all week and after we found the aforementioned family we were pretty excited and had kind of forgotten about it but then last night when I was talking with our ZLs giving them the weekly numbers report they told us that a member had taken them to a family he wanted them to teach and they taught the first lesson and said it went super well and they are a solid family. We have a pass off lesson on Tuesday so we are looking forward to that. It was a great reminder that the Lord is always watching and that the blessings will come sometimes you just have to wait. Not the biggest fan of the waiting part but better late than never. 

And that’s about it for this week. The quote comes from our tracting experiences. We are sharing the "He is the Gift" cards the church has given us to flood the world with it and so we always like to include that the video (found at is a good reason to help

"Remember the Reason for the Season."

Until next week!

Elder Kupferer

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