Monday, January 5, 2015

A Krazy Week in Kennewick

Man. This week was so jam packed full of stuff and things to take care of and just all around craziness I don't even know where to begin. I guess where I left off from last week will work. Monday night/Tuesday wasn't anything too spectacular. Filled with the usual saying goodbye to converts and members. Some sad moments for sure but everything will work out okay. Tuesday night we got a call from our zone leaders who share the ward with us that they needed to have us come on a split so they could get to a few appointments they had set up so instead of packing my things (which I have way too much of) we went out and had a couple of lessons. Ours was super. Our bishop and his wife accompanied us and we went and taught this family that is doing really well. They were asking a lot of good questions and were making tons of connections all over the place with various members they know in the area. It was a great lesson. Afterwards, I went home and stayed up till too late packing stuff only to wake up too early the next morning to get down to the transfer site on time. That's when the craziness started happening. 

Random fact about my new area. My companion and I, for our mission vehicle, drive a Ford E-350, a giant 12-passenger van nicknamed Megatron (if you saw a picture it is pretty fitting). 

As such, we are tasked with driving missionaries around in our zone whenever they need to get to a meeting as most companionships don't have a car in this zone. Unfortunately, Wednesday, they needed Megatron to shuttle missionaries around the mission so we were stranded without a car for a while. Thankfully another companionship has a car so they were able to take us around to drop our stuff off and then as we were waiting for our car to get back (which came back 3 hours late -- pretty standard delay for transfer day) we just planned for a meeting we had. That night nothing spectacular happened since we had to come in early due to it being New Year's Eve so we just planned for 2 hours (still made time for some Martinelli's) and then I started the 4 day process of unpacking my stuff (that's how much stuff I have. And I was just so tired I never felt like getting around to it). 

Thursday was pretty insane as well. We had interviews with our mission president that day and as per the norm, wound up going 2 hours long so what started at 9 didn't finish until 4:30. And since we have the one and only Megatron we got to drive missionaries around that entire day to and from the interviews so that made for another very long day. That night was pretty normal but then Friday was another long day of planning. We had weekly planning combined with having to prep for another meeting the following day so in 12 hours we spent 10 of those planning for one thing or another. That was tough. Saturday was a rough start because we had 3.5 hours of meetings to conduct since there was no other time to do them. 

Sunday was shaping up to be pretty nice as well but we woke up and saw a nice blanket of snow on the ground. Being from Southern California I was freaking out and couldn't wait to go play in it. But church didn't start until 12:30 so we had to stay inside for our studies. But afterwards when we stopped by some people before church I made my fair share of snowballs. Church itself was good but since we cover two wards WE DIDN'T GET OUT OF CHURCH UNTIL IT WAS DARK OUTSIDE!! That was not kosher. What happened to the days of church that started at 10 and got home in time for Sunday nap... but it was cool because (another cool fact about this area) it shares the parking lot with the Columbia River Temple. That's right. The temple is smack dab in the middle of my area. It is pretty cool. Driving up and seeing the temple all lit up at night from pretty much anywhere in my area. It’s pretty awesome. Anyways so we went to dinner with a recent convert family that is cooler than the snow that was outside had us over for dinner but on our way out to go back to work we got a text from the APs saying that since all the roads were frozen over it was too dangerous for the missionaries to be driving mission vehicles so we had to go home and park the Megatron. So four days later I've gotten maybe 12 hours of proselyting. It’s a weird sensation since simultaneously this has been the longest and shortest week of my mission. But alas the meetings have subsided and this upcoming week should be better. 

Probably the most applicable quote running through my mind right now was something a previous zone leader had said to someone (I forgot the context) but said:

"Fake it till you make it." 

Pretty cliché but it works. Acting like you've been there before fools everyone. Nobody has to know that I've actually just been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 

And with that I bid thee all farewell and wish you a Happy 2015!

Elder Kupferer

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