Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally a Normal Week

So this week’s post is going to be kind of short and rather boring. But in all honestly it has been nice. Finally had a normal week with only a minimal number of miscellaneous errands to run. Tuesday we had to make a trip out to Sunnyside (it’s about an hour away) to pick up a missionary that was getting transferred to fill a spot that got opened up over in Pasco (we live with the APs and since our van that we drive doesn't have a miles limit we are the Assistants to the President's assistants). Mini roadtrips always keep things entertaining. I'm still amazed at how tiring roadtrips can be. You sit in a car for two hours and don't move and somehow come away exhausted. Not cool.

Speaking of the van, I watched an hour long video made before I was born on how to properly drive a van. In case you were wondering, vans have higher centers of gravity so you need to slow down on turns so as to not tip the van. Just so you all know.

The other cool thing this week was something called MLC - Mission Leadership Council. It is where the senior leadership in the mission all comes down for a seven hour party with President and the APs. We receive training and policies to take back to all the missionaries to help the work move along and take the mission where President envisions it going. It was a pretty cool experience. Lots of relatively simple stuff but I am excited to see where it takes the mission. By small and simple means right? It was also pretty nifty to see old companions and missionaries I'd served around in the past and catch up with them. Always fun.

So that's pretty much it for this week. Nothing terribly exciting. Next week is lined up to be errand and meeting free so naturally I'll probably have something crazy to write about next week.

The following quote is how my companion described MLC and having now experienced it, I can assure you that it is true.

"It’s a spiritual party."

Hope you all have a spiritual party this week in some way or other. And until next week,

Elder Kupferer

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