Monday, December 9, 2013

Man It's Cold!

So it’s been pretty dang cold up here. For the past week, it hasn't been above freezing. I think it might have hit 31 in the sun one afternoon but other than that it’s been about 24 during the day if we are lucky. Thank heavens for beenies though. So far, everything has been pretty warm.... except for my face. Just short of looking like I'm about to rob a bank with a full ski mask it’s about the only part that will ever get cold. As if Spanish wasn't challenging enough already, I now speak it with a half frozen mouth. All sorts of fun stuff. 

So driving from a meeting to lunch the other day (side note: one thing I didn't expect about being a missionary was all the meetings oh my gosh. District meetings, zone training meetings, ward correlation meetings.... the list goes on) anyways I look out into the distance and notice in the direction of Hanford (there’s a huge nuclear waste clean up going on out there right now) a giant cloud coming from the ground that looked like a mushroom. I was told it was from the power reactor's heat exhaust but I'm convinced something’s gone wrong at Hanford and the government is just covering it up. If I come back with a third arm, we will know what happened. 

Also another thing I didn't know about missionary life was teaching child of record baptism candidates (kids born in the church turning 8). The Bishop here in Benton City (he is in charge of the ward, much like a pastor at another church) asked us to teach the missionary lessons to children turning 8 in a few months. It is a great experience. Definitely a different type of challenge than regular teaching but it’s amazing to see how simple life can be and the simple things that children notice we adults (I'm over 18 now so I can call myself an adult and sit at the adult table now) often glance over and don't give a second thought to. It is a whole different type of spiritual experience. I'm loving it. (not a reference to McDonalds in case anyone was wondering)

If we want to stay with this week's theme of "Things Elder Kupferer didn't realize about going on a mission" let me add ‘Exchanges’ onto the list. Something simple we do but still super powerful. Every transfer (a 6 week period) the district leaders go on exchanges with every member in their district (usually 2 to 4 companionships) so for a day we basically switch companions. It’s a super great learning experience because it shows us different ways of doing things and not just dropping us into the same routine over and over. 

And now, since the stupid truck is still blank here is a quote I saw hanging outside one of the trailers here in the great BC "Be nice to your kids because they will choose your retirement home." 

Stay awesome and I hope you all enjoy this wonderful upcoming Christmas season!

Hasta Luego, 

Elder Kupferer

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