Saturday, December 28, 2013

OK, Now It’s Really Almost Christmas! (written 12/23/13)

Welp it’s actually almost Christmas now. It’s crazy. I feel like Halloween just ended. But to usher in the wonderful Christmas season we had transfers! My new companion has been out 18 months and just came from a 7 Month stint in Pasco. So far it seems to be working out pretty well. He’s good at the things I'm not and I do fairly well where he struggles so I am excited for this transfer. He doesn't speak Spanish though...... so looks like I need to brush off that Spanish textbook again. Oh well. So far my Spanish has been doing pretty well, but I am really praying for some extra help.

Speaking of the Holiday season, I've decided that as a missionary they suck. Like really not fun. Cause everyone is out doing shopping or gone for the Holidays and always say "try back after the holidays I'm super busy right now." Well after two hours of knocking, I am definitely not busy. So for the first time in my life I can't wait for Christmas break to end. Crazy shocker right? I'm sure that'll change the second I get home. 

Also part of this wintery holiday season - I am really grateful for my shoes. They are comfortable, look nice, and so water resistant that they even resist the ice on the ground...... whoever designed dress shoes was obviously a Southern Californian where people can pay way too much for clothing and has never experienced ice. I have almost died like five or six times from slipping on ice this week alone. And by almost dying I mean slipping. But it makes it fun. Life-threatening experiences always provide a nice pick-me-up and get the adrenaline going. 

So here’s a cool story. The day of transfers we got back to Benton City and my comp unpacked and then we went to an appointment that fell through (again I hate the Holiday season right now) and so we decided to knock on some doors. First door we knock, he lets us in, and then 20 minutes later says he wants to be baptized! Like that never happens! And then we go back the next day to talk with him and give him an actual date... and he's not there. So we are like aw man that rots. I knew it was too good to be true. Turns out he just moved to Grandview so we sent the elders over there the contact and hopefully it all turns out okay. 

And now to close, the truck finally has a quote back on it! Prepare for the most inspirational quote you've ever heard. It made me cry like a little baby. 

"Carports for sale. Will Trade."

Yup. So touching. *sniff*

Until next week!

Feliz navidad, prospero anos, y felicidad!

Elder Kupferer

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