Monday, February 24, 2014

Crazy Stuff

Tons of crazy stuff this week. All sorts of shenanigans (or Chelan-igans as it were) have occurred so I guess I'll start with Monday. 

So Monday after we last talked our district (comprising of us, the sisters, and 4 elders up in the middle of nowhere) decided to go bowling. Apparently I'm worse than I remember. Granted Wii Bowling doesn't do much but still. It’s all the same game right? 

Tuesday went nuts. We provided service that morning at a local food bank run by the local Lutheran (we think its Lutheran?) minister and helped distribute food and such. My job was turning on a giant conveyor belt to move boxes up and down stairs. Very hard manual labor. Afterwards we went to a place called Manson Growers and saw even bigger conveyor belts distributing even more food. But this was just apples. Manson Growers is a cooperative up here that collects the fruit from smaller individual growers and then cleans, packs, and distributes all their food for them. The manager is a member [of the LDS church] and so he gave us a tour since a lot of our investigators work there or somewhere like it. It was a pretty cool tour. They even gave us a lollipop at the end. What more can you ask for? And then the day went bad. My companion was having issues with his leg and so Tuesday we found out that he had to go home to resolve said issues. The rest of the day ended up being normal transfer stuff like packing, visiting people one last time, all that good stuff. 

Wednesday was bitter-sweet. We got up at 5:00 AM to leave by 5:45 for a zone conference in Ephrata. The zone conference itself was really cool. Learned a lot. I accompanied yet another group for yet another musical number (I think there is a hidden network that lets leaders know who plays piano). And then after the conference is when I met my new companion who had come up with a stake president that morning. He is from Price, Utah and actually was in the Mexico MTC with me (we didn't know each other but he was there the same time). So now they've got two greenies running around Chelan and Manson pretending they know what they're doing. Always fun. After the conference we drove another 2 and a half hours back to Chelan... in our new Subaru! It is a nice car. Actually has some get up and go to it. I'm just glad it has cruise control to keep me at the speed limit. 

Okay I guess that’s only three days but still a pretty hectic week. But all good stuff. I'm super excited for this next half transfer and then hopefully the following transfer. Should be great. 

And now for the quote I am going to substitute a local legend (this is actually a true story believe it or not). 

So a family from Montana was driving along the road between Chelan and Manson (it’s got a cliff on one side and then lake on the other). At the same time another family at the top of the cliff was trying to corral a cow on the top of said cliff. But the cow not being a terribly smart animal kept running (galloping? whatever it is that cows do) straight off the cliff.... onto the minivan of the visiting family. Luckily no one was hurt (except the cow) but it definitely freaked out the family. Don't think they ever came back. 

And now to quote my High School government teacher (I guess you get a quote after all!) “That’s all for today folks.” See you next week!

Elder Kupferer

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