Monday, February 3, 2014

Lake Chelan!

Wow. This has been one heck of a week. I don't even know where to begin. I guess let’s start with Wednesday. 

Wednesday was transfer day. We met at a building in Kennewick at 1 and were on the road to Yakima by 1:30. From there I drove (with other missionaries of course) to a place called Quincy and then East Wenatchee. At every stop since it was a huge caravan we unloaded the trailers with all the luggage (at EVERY stop) and waited for everyone to get there from various places then load into our respective vehicles and onto the next stop. We got to East Wenatchee around 7:30 PM and from there I got to drive to Chelan. Since we got doubled in (we are two new missionaries to the area) they gave us the keys to a Corolla (not fun driving in the snow), an address, 6 Spanish Book of Mormons, some pamphlets, a dvd player and the training DVDs, and sent us on our way. After an hour and a half of driving through snow on a nice windy mountain road we finally got the address which thankfully was the right members. We unpacked and then went to bed. 

So now a little bit about the area. First of all, Lake Chelan is unbelievable. I'll try and get a picture next week because I forgot the SD converter but it’s gorgeous. Mountains and snow everywhere, the lake is stunning, all the vineyards and orchards, all the million dollar homes. It’s Amazing. There are three cities in this area, Manson (the north-ish end; the lake is 9 miles long so there’s only development for part of it) Chelan (the main city) and then Chelan Falls which is about 10 miles down the freeway. Since its a tourist town (or will be once it gets above freezing...) Chelan is a little bit more urban than Benton City but it's still pretty similar; there’s a little downtown area (that reminds me a lot of Orange at the Circle) and then a main road along the river to get to the rest of the homes up the side of the mountain. Google Earth it to see what I'm talking about. 

So the members here are just as amazing and generous as Benton City. When we arrived on Wednesday, the only food we had was some chocolate muffins from Costco the members we are staying with got us, tons of Hot Chocolate mix (my comp LOVES hot chocolate) and some See's Candies I brought with me. We were meeting with the Hermanas (sister missionaries) that were already in the area to try and get situated with who we were teaching and what not and we talked about how we didn't have much food and a member overheard so a few hours later he shows up at our doorstop with ridiculous amounts of food to survive us until P-Day (the only day we have to go shopping.) It was unbelievable. And that’s only the beginning. The members are just so supportive of us and the missionary work I could spend all day talking about it. 

The ward here is a little bit like Benton City; there’s the main ward and then the Spanish group. Thankfully it’s a little bit bigger than the Spanish group in BC so we can meet by ourselves and have Sacrament Meeting in Spanish for them. But guess what. Up until Wednesday, they didn't have a pianist. Yet again, my mom was right. So now for the next 6 to 12 weeks I get to play all the hymns for the meetings. Now I just need a piano to practice on at home.....

Anyways that’s the major stuff for this week. Since we are still running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the moment, hopefully this next week we will start to settle into the groove of things and I'll have more interesting things to write you all. No major quote this week but I'll still use the latest one I remember from the truck in Benton City. 

"Go Hawks."  'Nuff said. 

Later y'all!

Elder Kupferer

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