Monday, April 14, 2014

I Forgot How Much I Hate the Heat!

So this week it got up to a nice and balmy 71 degrees outside. Not gonna lie, it felt like I was gonna die. Definitely not looking forward to summer.

This week I also got like my two favorite foods mashed together - home made burgers and Korean barbecue. It was so good. It was like is this a hamburger that’s made of Korean barbecue, or Korean barbecue that’s made into a hamburger? Of course, my companion and the two sisters, all not being from Irvine, had no idea what Korean barbecue was but they now know what they are missing.

And this week for the "How stupid can Elder Kupferer get?" category, apparently you need a fishing license to go fishing up here. Who knew? Not us. Good thing the member we were with knows the game warden.......

Now for an awesome story. My first day tracting (knocking doors, sharing messages about Jesus Christ) here in this area many months ago didn't yield many results. There were a few people that said we could come back by, but not many. One of whom we shall call Jerry (not actually his name). So Jerry was like yeah come back any time! So we did, but for one reason or another we didn't get in to talk with him for over a month. But anyways we get in and get to talking. He had just moved back to Chelan, but said he had been meeting with the missionaries for several years, and they had helped him in the hospital (he had lung problems), and things of that nature. We were thoroughly confused because he sounded like he was a member but nobody in the ward knew him nor his wife so we were talking with him a few days later, come to find out his wife was a member since she was 8 (but hasn't been to church since around then) and Jerry wasn't a member. So we start planning to teach him because he said he was really interested in coming back to church, but then he moves. Not far, only up to Pateros (a town 20 miles up the highway) but other missionaries work in that town so we weren't going to be able to teach him, which I was kind of disappointed about because I really wanted to work with him and what not. But such is life so we handed him off and helped him move and what not. But then this past week I was on exchanges (when I switch areas for a day) in Pateros, and actually had the opportunity to teach him the 1st lesson we normally teach (the missionaries hadn't been able to have a full lesson yet) and was able to invite him to baptism, to which he said yes! He said it was about time. He knew this is what he needs to do and said he knew this was right. His biggest worry? How long he would be under the water, because he has bad lungs. It was an awesome experience to be able to find and teach him. With any luck, I'll still be here in May when his baptismal date rolls around.

And now for the quote of the week. This one comes from a sign I saw inside a little front porch on a house. Unfortunately they didn't answer so I couldn't complement them but having put my mom through 6 years of it I figured she (and moms everywhere) would appreciate this:

"Raising teenagers is like nailing Jello to a tree"

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Con cariƱo,

Elder Kupferer

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