Monday, April 7, 2014

An Eventful Week!

Well ladies and gentlemen, things are looking up again here in Lake Chelan this week. All sorts of crazy things to write about.

So I guess first things first.  Last Tuesday some members invited us over for dinner to inaugurate a new outdoor fire pit they created with some classic hot dogs and marshmallows (no, that was not the crazy part). So after we finish eating and are sitting around talking one of the younger sons proceeds to continue whittling on a stick and his mom comments on his knife how he got it from his grandpa and the story behind it and then the dad asks his other son to grab his knife from inside the house. The next thing we know, we are learning how to throw knives. It is rather fulfilling watching a knife stick into a piece of plywood. Don't worry mom, I still have all ten fingers.

Later on in the week, we helped a member finish the stone work around his own outdoor fireplace as well. From picking up the sand from a spot on the side of the road to putting the mortar down and choosing the rocks we wanted. That was a ton of fun. Of all the things I expected to learn on a mission, I can honestly say basic masonry was not one of them.

Another cool experience we had this week involved the local Lutheran Pastor. We work with him and some of his members/other volunteers Monday and Tuesday mornings at the local food bank and have developed a pretty good relationship with him and those members over the years that the missionaries have been doing this. So we were walking around town between some people we wanted to visit and saw a lady outside doing some lawn work and offered to help, to which she agreed. And then we realized that it was the aforementioned pastor's wife. It was great seeing how two different religions can still work together despite doctrinal differences. Just because someone believes something different doesn't mean you can't work together or be nice to each other. It was refreshing to see such acceptance. 

Now for the quote of the week, there are many I could do but I will choose one I found rather interesting to think about. For those of you that aren't members of our faith, this past weekend was what is called General Conference, when the Prophet and Apostles and various other general authorities give talks in Salt Lake and have it broadcast throughout the entire world in myriads of languages. One of my favorite quotes comes from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was giving a talk in part about how sometimes the path of discipleship of Jesus Christ won't be easy and from there comes the following:

"It is a characteristic of our age that if people want any gods at all, they want them to be gods who do not demand much, comfortable gods, smooth gods, who not only don't rock the boat, but don't even row it."

That was definitely an interesting point to think about. Sometimes it isn't going to be easy, but God demands a lot so we can become that much more. Even when we are called to go through hard times, we have the promise that the reward will be more than worth it. For the full talk, you can watch it (and others) here: 

And with that, I bid thee all farewell. Until next week everyone!

Elder Kupferer

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