Monday, June 23, 2014

A Long Week

All sorts of craziness going on this week. So it all starts Monday night when we get a call from our Ward Mission Leader asking us if we had heard anything about our housing situation, to which we replied in the negative. He tells us that we have to be out by Thursday because the family we were previously staying with had family coming in that needed to stay where we were staying, but they still didn't have a place for us to live. We say okay, think briefly how comfortable our Subaru would be to sleep in, then go on with our day.  Tuesday we get another text from our WML saying that that bishop had found a temporary housing situation for us, so after saying a silent pray of thanks for not having to move into a picker cabin (the temporary shacks people move into when they come to help pick cherries/apples/etc) we ask where, to which he responds that we are staying in his basement. We say okay and then said we would talk to his wife about when to move in. Fast forward to Wednesday morning and we start a mad dash to pack everything/clean/last minute stuff like that, and make a couple trips to drop our stuff off at their house because since it was so last minute they didn't have everything 100% figured out yet. Now skip forward a couple days (we will be coming back to Thursday though) and we are talking with our WML and apparently he has family coming into town next week that is going to need to stay in the basement where we are staying, so our temporary housing just  became a lot more temporary. Stay tuned next week to figure out where we wind up. Camping trailer anyone? 

So now back to Thursday. We had interviews with our mission president and after exhausting nearly the entire ward list secured a ride down to Wenatchee for us and the sisters. But as luck would have it, going up the hill about two miles outside of down, the car dies on us. Because nothing else could go right this week. So we say a prayer, look at the engine, give up hope, thankfully make a phone call to our Zone Leaders to let them know we were going to be late, and then call a tow truck. Miraculously enough we had service on our cell phone (the member’s didn't and the sisters’ phone somehow got bad water damage) and got it all taken care of. So one of the AP's and one of the Zone Leaders eventually makes it up to us in President's car and the AP's truck and we all make it down safely to Wenatchee a classy 45 minutes late to the meeting. Go us. 

That’s about it for anything really exciting on our end. On the less exciting spectrum of things we spent a few hours helping a member put up some sheet rock. That probably tops the list of the things I didn't expect to learn on my mission. Helped set up a reception Saturday night. Scored some free Cafe Rio so it was totally worth it. We are going to Kennewick again tomorrow for another temple trip. Should be fun. The 2:30 AM wake-up call not so much but alas, we do what we have to. 

And now for a quote, I'm drawing a blank. The one quote I remember laughing a ton at wouldn't be appropriate for public use but if you must know, my parents know it so feel free to ask them if your heart so desires. Consider the second quote from last week as this week's quote. 

Stay classy America,

Elder Kupferer

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  1. Ahh, yes. the missionary life. You love it and in a couple of years you will laugh about most of the "awful" things that happen. But, oh! The sweet memories of enjoying the Spirit and the prompting of the Holy Ghost! Nothing like it in all the world. And, the gospel is true!