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The 1-Year Top 10 List

Another week goes by in Othello. Nothing too interesting going on. Today for …..*static*…..
wait what?

*random newscaster*“We interrupt your normal blogging this week with a special edition of ‘Kupferer in Kennewick.’"

*dramatic music*

This past week Elder Kupferer has officially been out on his mission for 1 year. And since year marks on anything merit a Top 10 List, we figured we would present you with one highlighting the past year of Elder Kupferer's missionary service. 

*fly-by of an oversize 10*

10. Hiking the butte in Chelan. One preparation day, Elder Kupferer and his companion took a local member of the ward and hiked the Chelan Butte. It was 4 miles round trip with 1000 foot elevation gain in the first 1 mile. It took three hours and the hike up was literally up the side of the hill. At the top the views were very rewarding with expansive views of the entire Chelan valley and the Columbia River. The hike definitely took its toll though on their legs; for a week they didn't work probably and were known to give out from time to time. 

*massive 9 hitting screen*

9. Helping with the Brewster fire cleanup. This was explained in a recent email but to recap, it’s when Elder Kupferer traveled 3 hours from Othello all the way up to Twisp to help with the Mormon Helping Hands clean up fire damage around an older lady's home. It definitely left an emotional impact on all involved to see the sincere gratitude of those affected. 

*normal size 8 rolls by* 

8. Mexican Independence Day. Due to the limited time available in our broadcasting slot we cannot provide a full review of the intense awesomeness that transpired all the way back on the September night in Mexico but it was legendary to say the least. Filled with festivities, dancing, staying out past curfew, and the slight chance of getting hit by bullets, it was a night never to be forgotten. For full details, read my 9/19/2013 blog post titled:  ¡Viva Mexico!

*7 swings into screen and then fades out*

7. The Elder Ballard conference. Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles plus Elders Risenmay and Elder Maynes of the Seventy came and visited the Washington Kennewick Mission. They put on a 3-hour conference for all of the missionaries down in Kennewick. There was so much doctrine learned they couldn't even contain it all. Missionaries traveled all day to come see this spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event. Talk is still made of the promises he left the missionaries, as they still continue to bless them day after day. 

*block 6 slams in*

6. Serving in Chelan. Living on a lake is always fun, especially when its 50 miles long and some of the most beautiful country in the state. Elder Kupferer served there long enough to see not only snow fall but the beach become packed on 2 major holidays, have three companions, live in two houses, and see the bishopric change. Not to mention all the memories made with some of the finest missionaries the mission has to offer, an amazing ward, and the best Ward Mission Leader ever. But after such an experience, what could possibly top that? Come back after the break to find out. 

*switches to commercial*

*deep announcer voice*:  “This year’s Top 10 List is brought to you by "The Book of Mormon: AnotherTestament of Jesus Christ." Over 400 pages of inspiring scripture that has stood the test of time, translated into English directly from the language of the prophets by which it was written. Now we can read the story of God's children not only in Jerusalem, but in the America's as well. Ask your closest Mormon friend for a copy.”

*block 5 with announcer voice*:  “For number five let’s jump into their car to hear the conversation preceding the event.”

*awkward shot of the back of two people's heads driving along a lake*

Elder Kupferer: “We only have like 10 minutes before we're supposed to meet Bishop at the church. Do you think we should just head there and wait for him?”

Elder Hansen: “I don't know we are only short like 2 on our goal for OYM's today. Let’s just go knock a few doors really quick.”

Elder Kupferer: “Okay sounds good. I like it”. 

“Well they went and knocked some doors, ladies and gentlemen. And rolling in at number 5…..”

5. Knocking 5 doors in 5 minutes and getting 5 OYMs

*large number 4 apparates onto screen, then disappears*

4. The ‘One More Door’ principle. Elder Kupferer and his companion were knocking some doors in an apartment complex (did all they do is knock doors? Geez) and were having absolutely no success. Time for dinner was rolling by and they decided to just finish off the building really quick. Door 1, no luck. Door 2 no luck. Door 3 no luck. Last Door. Opens up. They start the spiel, "Hey we're the missionaries..." and so on. By the lady's reaction, they judge correctly that she's a member. Then she tells them that she hadn't been to church in a long time since she got into drugs and became addicted, but had kicked the habit several months ago and was looking to start her life over again. She had just prayed and lo and behold when she looks out the window, she sees the missionaries walking by. She said that when they knocked on her door, it felt like God knocking. Always knock one more door. It saves lives. 

*intense 3 drops in*

3. Working with Chris and Erica (for liability reasons their names have been changed). Erica had a special friend who recently left on a mission and invited her to meet with the missionaries to see what they're all about. So she did, and took her friend Chris along for the ride. Long story short, after the first lesson they took the Book of Mormon home and read it, and came back and told the missionaries that they didn't expect what they had felt when they read. They said they just felt so good about the book and that after reading it all their doubts went away. It really is a good book ladies and gentlemen. You should look into it. 

*announcer's voice*:  “And at this time we have a bonus top hit, provided by “Preach My Gospel.” PMG wishes to thank Benton City for being an awesome training ground for their friend Elder Kupferer. There are so many learning opportunities had their and so many good memories they could do their own show on it.”

*giant 2 rolls through screen*

“Landing in at number 2, we have…”

2. Working with a kid named Ken (again, names have been changed). Ken is a kid who discovered the marvelous second chance the Savior offers. An alcoholic since age 14, he thought there was no hope for him when we found him 5 years later. A month, an awesome Mormon Message, and some reading of the Book of Mormon on his own (there's that book again) later, he discovered that through Christ's Atonement, he really could be forgiven. The change that you could see in him ladies and gentlemen was unbelievable. 

*Shot of random person walking dramatically towards camera across a stage*

“Now for our number one moment of Elder Kupferer's mission so far, let’s do some back story. It was Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend and Elder Kupferer and his companion were sitting next to a trampoline judging a competition between some of a member's kids, when all of a sudden the phone goes off. His comp answers the phone and after a few short words back and forth leans over and says, "Elder Kupferer, it’s for you." He answers the phone with a simple hello.  The voice he heard on the other side was one he was not expecting. It belonged to a little 8-year-old girl whose family was not terribly active in the church. After identifying herself, she said ‘Elder Kupferer, will you baptize me?’”

“So rolling in at the top spot ladies and gentlemen,…”

*giant lights shine on an oversize '1'*

1. Baptizing Natalie. 

Let’s see here. They said there was a scripture that was associated with it. Let me see... ah! Here it is. It’s in the 84th section of the Doctrine and Covenants, revelation given to mankind through the Prophet Joseph Smith in modern days. It reads:

"Therefore, in the ordinances (of the Priesthood), the power of godliness is manifest."

“Well ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching this special episode of ‘Kupferer in Kennewick.’  We hope you enjoyed. We now return to your regularly scheduled program.”


Until next week everyone!

Elder Kupferer

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