Monday, August 25, 2014

It's a Boy!

Well everyone, I've got some big news! I'm having a kid! He is coming straight from the MTC and is expected to arrive Wednesday sometime between the hours of 1 and 9. For those of you who are thoroughly confused, there are 24 new missionaries coming into the mission this transfer, and so I was called to train one of them, or in other words, break him into the missionary lifestyle. In missionary-speak, they call it “having a kid”, or sometimes “my first born in the wilderness.” Either way, I will go from having the oldest missionary in the mission (my current companion leaves today for the mission home and then flies home tomorrow) to the newest in a grand total of 2 days. Expect some funny stories. 

And in other news, I apologize for last week. I was sitting down writing my email and then all of a sudden this guy came into the Family History Center we email from and then took the keyboard out of my hands and just started typing away. Before I could ask what was going on, he had already sent it and then jumped out the window laughing at me. My companion just pointed and laughed. It was a weird week. But anyways, I was going to write about how last week for our P-Day we went and toured the dairy farm that a member of the mission presidency owns out here. He picked us up and then took us out to his house (down the road from the dairy) and gave us all lunch then took us down and drove us around the dairy. If I remember correctly, it is something like 2,000 acres with 11,000 cows. That’s a lot of milk. It was really cool seeing the whole process of how it all works. They have it set up where it’s basically self sustaining. The cows that they have keep having more cows until they can't have any more and then their cows just keep on giving. It made me think back to the good old days at Chick-fil-a. Felt right at home among my own people. 

And for the closing quote today, here's the story. We were walking to an investigator's house in an apartment complex when we saw another one of our investigators standing outside grilling some carne asada off the back of his truck so we stop to talk with him for a minute when he then invites us to stay for dinner. That’s totally not relevant to the story, but I thought I'd share it anyways. But as we were standing there talking, he told us how he was at the doctor's office with his 1 year old who was sick when they asked him what his birthday was to which he replied:

"That’s a great question. Let’s call my wife."

Until next week everyone!

Elder Kupferer

Also because I can here is a picture of me and Elder Smith (he's from Huntington Beach) having some ribs with a member. Smoked over hickory for 5 hours then covered in Sweet Baby Rays (with an extra cup of honey added) and then placed on the grill for 2 minutes to caramelize the sauce. The barbecue sauce on our faces wasn't actually that bad we just did it to rub it in to my comp (we were on exchanges and my comp was the one who had requested ribs). Anyways yeup. Always classy. 

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