Monday, November 11, 2013

Quotes from the Side of the Road

Why hello there,

So it’s been another awesome week out in the WKM. I would say that it’s on fire out here, but apparently Benton City has actually been on fire before so it sufficeth me to say that it’s going quite well out here. Especially on the Spanish side of things because.... We now have a Spanish Relief Society!!!!!! So stoked for them. It’s great to see the Spanish membership in the ward growing. Next step: Spanish branch. I'm gonna make it happen. 

Another opportunity that presented itself this week was the chance to teach seminary one morning. That was pretty cool. We taught the sophomore class and they were a lot more awake than I thought. But nonetheless, Brother Henderson if you read this, major props. I don't know how you were/are able to stay awake yourself not to mention keeping the class interested at 6:00 in the morning. It is quite an impressive feat. 

So I guess some things in the world never change. Including way too many road construction projects. Yep. All the way up in Washington the cities decided to start three major construction projects on the road.... at the same time. Because planning and spacing projects out just doesn't seem logical does it? Of course not. 

Also another fun fact about Benton City... on the one main road headed out of town there is a truck that is parked that on the back has a little sign like what you would see at a restaurant or outside a church where you can slide the letters in and out and put various fun messages. Except instead of saying "Big Mac - It'll kill you" it has some fun quotes on it I thought I'd share. Last week’s was "Dear Math - Grow up. I'm tired of solving your problems." This week is "Everyone is mature until someone breaks out the bubble wrap."

Come back next week for more funny quotes from the side of the road. 

Until then,

Elder Kupferer

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