Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giraffes in Benton City?

It’s been another awesome week in Washington. Fun fact for the day: there is one four-way stop in Benton City. And it’s not even on the main road it’s out in a residential area. Even crazier (and it took me like a month to realize this) there aren't any stop lights in Benton city.... Fun stuff.

Also this week we had some great opportunities for service. One afternoon we helped a member (who conveniently lives next door) paint his house. It was actually quite a lot of fun. All those Eagle Projects painting various boards has finally paid off.

Something else that's finally paying off are all those piano lessons. I don't play that much but whenever District Meetings or even our Spanish Gospel Doctrine class I get asked to play. Mom, let me formally apologize for fighting those lessons way back when. To any kids that might be reading this: trust your parents. They actually know what they're doing.

And last here is the quote of the week from the truck:

"Thank you Veterans, for your help, service, and sacrifice."

Hasta la proxima semana.

Elder Kupferer

[The following was not intended for the Blog but I wanted to include it anyway – Steve]

Also there are giraffes in Benton City. Who knew?

They are actually made of scrapped metal from a Ford pickup, an old (I am hoping already out of commission) Mustang, and then a bit from a Chevy. We tracted into the guy who had them and Elder Rosero was all "Hey can I take a picture with your giraffes? I really love them." Didn't accept our message though..... 

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