Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Too Much Food?

Hello everyone!

Nothing too new this week in Benton City. This past week we had the opportunity to have a zone conference with Elder Kent Richards of the 70. We learned a lot and all felt the spirit super strong. I am excited to see the results that will come about because of what we learned. 

Thinking about it, I guess there is something rather new (at least to me) that happened this past week. It got cold. Like freezing cold (literally). In the space of one day it went from a high of 48 to 36. It was insane. I can see my breath in the car. IN THE CAR. That shouldn't happen. Also, it’s really fun (and by fun I mean miserable) going to church meetings when it’s 16 degrees outside. Whoever invented suits obviously lived in Southern California where they didn't need to keep you warm. Thank heavens for thermals. 

I have also decided that yes, there can be such a thing as too much food. As shocking as it is, I can attest that there becomes a point where food sounds disgusting. Yesterday, we had a lunch at 2 then dinner at 5 planned from a few weeks ago. Nothing too bad there. And then we went to church, and got invited to a missionary return get together, a missionary going away get together, and then pie. All with different members. It’s horrible having to ration yourself with so much good food so you can still eat at least a little bit with everyone. 

Side note: Butterfinger Pie is one of the best desserts ever created. Only downside is I think with every slice you slice off a year of your life. 

Well that’s all that’s going on with me this week. Hopefully with Turkey Day coming up this week I'll have a cool story for you all.

Stay awesome,

Elder Kupferer

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