Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

Well Happy New Year everyone! I can assure you that Benton City is still here despite the raging parties that went on New Year’s Eve. I know the missionaries serving here had a raging party of coming home at 6 and watching Mormon Messages for 2 hours. It was a blast. 

So here is something that you would have never thought would have happened to an American missionary serving state side. Had a traditional Korean New Year’s lunch. Yeup. We went over to Prosser (the next town over that’s part of our district) and some members there invited us to have lunch with them, and since one of the elders is from South Korea and the member served in Korea, we had a Korean lunch, complete with kimchi and dduk gook (rice cake soup). We also had squid jerky which isn't as bad as it sounds. But overall it was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, I can also say I have now had legit ramen. 

So this past week we put someone on date (given them a date to be baptized) and I must say that it was a really cool experience. To finally see your hard work pay off and the gospel and the Spirit work within them. After two months of little to no work, it was a nice change of pace. 

Sign update: still the same. I'll try and come up with another quote next week. 

Hope you all enjoy 2014!

Elder Kupferer

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