Monday, March 24, 2014

Six Months in the Field

Good Morning (afternoon) Everyone!

Nothing too new or entertaining this week. This past week I felt more like a service missionary with all the service we rendered. Wednesday we helped somebody move up to Pateros (the next town 20 miles up the river), Friday we helped someone else build a little compost rotator thingy (He said it was overpriced and not worth it but since his wife liked it he had to like it) and then Saturday we helped someone try and fix a car and move some stuff around. Jeans and a t-shirt almost feel normal again. Almost. 

Also in the random category, I hit 6 months in the field today, so last night my companion (who came out with me) and I decided to count up all the numbers we keep track of (like lessons, # of people we have talked to, etc) and in 6 months I have taught 379 lessons and talked with 920 people about the Gospel. Just some interesting facts for you.

And now in the poor Elder Kupferer category who really doesn't have much to complain about, but is still going to anyways because I know my Uncles will get a laugh from it.  With the cars we drive from the mission, we are only allowed to drive a certain number of miles every month, and a few days ago we lost a lot of miles. We went from averaging 60 miles a day to now not being able to drive more than 17. So as such we have enough to drive from our house 7 miles to the bottom of Chelan, park the car and walk the rest of the day. Which normally wouldn't be too bad but all of sudden we go from hardly walking to almost 6 miles a day. And that doesn't include the work we do up in Manson or down in Chelan falls. All in all, our area is almost 20 miles long so it looks like the people that live in the boonies don't get the Gospel until April. I guess they'll just have to wait. 

And now for the quote (still from the random sign in Chelan) 

“Its spring. Go plant something.”

So yeah. Go do that. With all that luscious yard space and quality soil found in the beautiful suburbia of Irvine, go plant something.

Until Next Week!

Elder Vaso (aka Elder Kupferer)

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