Monday, March 10, 2014

What Else Have I Missed?

Another great week up here in Chelan. Last Monday we all went down to Wenatchee (busses seem so depressing sometimes) for "Wenatchee's Got Talent". Basically a talent show that our Zone Leaders judged like American Idol. Not that we actually went to Hollywood or anything but it was pretty fun seeing all the different talents of people in the zone. 

So fun fact: As of Wednesday (3/13/14), there will be 253 missionaries in the Washington Kennewick Mission. Gotta love transfers. 

So something I've been noticing lately is that leaders know what they're talking about. A few months back we had a training from an Area Seventy (they are people from the church that take care of the church in large areas; his area I think covered 3 states and part of Canada) about trying to teach simply and how if we are obedient, we gain the Spirit, and as such will be happier. I thought it was all cool stuff and was like “Wow, that would be nice if they would just put that in Preach My Gospel” (a handbook for missionaries).  But as I've been studying more recently I've come to the realization that it’s all there. Not word for word, but the subject is there. It’s amazing. Makes me wonder what else I could be missing out on....

Unfortunately that’s all for today. But wait......I've got a pretty hilarious quote from church yesterday:

“Not going to church because of hypocrites is like not going to the gym because of fat people.”

Well I thought it was funny anyways. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kupferer

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