Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Week Bites the Dust

And another week passes by. Nothing too big to report really. Probably this biggest thing was with our bikes. As I explained last week since we couldn't drive our cars as much we got bikes from some members this week, which brought a whole new set of adventures. The first day we got on our bikes, literally the minute we step outside to leave, it starts to rain. Then as soon as we got to where we were going, it stops raining. Classic right? But it gets better. Later that day, my comp pinches his back tire, which created a big enough hole that the patch kit we had with us wouldn't fix it. So, we walked the 2 miles back to the church, then ended up having to drive to Walmart anyways to pick up a new tube and a new patch kit. And then two days later we come back to the church to pick up our bikes to head out again, and now one of my tires has a flat. So 20 minutes later we finally make it back out. So we continue on our way and bike to the other side of the lake and lock up our bikes to go walk around for a bit, only to come back to another flat. It was a long week to say the least. 

But on Friday, we went to the temple again all the way down back in Tri-Cities so that was a fun 3-hour car ride down. It was weird driving through my old area again, seeing all the places we used to go to eat or hang out. All in all a good trip though. Minus the six hours of driving through rain of course. The night before the Elders from Brewster and Pateros came down though and spent the night at our house. Since they had to catch an early bus down to Wenatchee to get a ride from some members down there they ended up coming down to Chelan (about halfway between Brewster and Wenatchee) Thursday evening so they didn't half to wake up at some ungodly hour Friday morning to make the drive. So that was fun. Six people in the basement. Always an adventure. 

Other than that General Conference is coming up this weekend. Should be a great time. Hopefully some more interesting things will occur this week. Until then, I bid thee all farewell.

Elder Kupferer

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